How Patients Use TestDash

How Patients Use TestDash

Your physician has requested a urine test, also known as urinalysis. This is a common test that healthcare providers often use to screen for or monitor certain health conditions, and to diagnose infections. To make this test as convenient as possible, TestDash will deliver the testing kit to your home or office, transport your sample back to our accredited lab, and send a full report to you and your healthcare provider. 

How Do I Schedule My Delivery?

Soon after your healthcare provider orders your lab work, you’ll receive a text message from 513-818-1866. This text will guide you through the process of scheduling your delivery through our secure texting service.

What Happens During Delivery?

All deliveries will have a 2-hour window, but your Care Technician will keep in touch so you will be informed. While you provide the sample, your Care Technician will wait in the transport vehicle. Once you let your Care Technician know the sample is ready (this can be via text or phone call), the Care Technician will immediately transport the sample safely back to our lab.

What Happens If I Miss Delivery?

Your healthcare provider ordered this lab work because he or she wants the results back quickly. It is important to do your absolute best to meet your Care Technician and to immediately provide the sample.

However, we understand that issues do pop up. If an emergency happens, please use the information you’ll receive via text message to communicate with your Care Technician. 

Which Locations Are Currently Serviced By TestDash?

We service a 50-mile radius of our West Chester, Ohio lab. This includes Greater Cincinnati, Mason, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Xenia, Lawrenceburg, Hebron, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Goshen, Batavia, and more. You can choose to have your delivery sent to your home, office, or anywhere you choose!

Is TestDash Covered By Insurance?

Yes, TestDash is covered by insurance. We also accept credit cards for patients who are paying privately. The cost is $100. 

Questions About TestDash?

If you have additional questions, you can probably find the answers in this 1:39 TestDash video. If you have additional questions or can’t view the video right now, feel free to email your questions to If you prefer, you can also submit your question via the contact form on our website, or you can schedule a time to speak with us at a time that’s convenient for you.

TestDash is here to provide fast, convenient, and accurate PCR test deliveries to Greater Cincinnati. To learn more about TestDash, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!