How Physicians Use TestDash

How Physicians Use TestDash

TestDash is a new service that delivers UTI/STI PCR tests to your patient’s home or office, then transports the samples back to our CAP, COLA, and CLIA-accredited lab. Your patients, especially those with transportation issues, a busy schedule, or telehealth appointments will appreciate the ease and convenience of TestDash.

As a physician, are you on call over the weekend and need to get an order in fast? Is your office too busy for another appointment? We are here to help make physicians’ lives easier with our innovative solution.

Powered by Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners, you’ll receive an easy-to-read report via text and email within 24 hours or less of the sample’s arrival at our lab. The report also lists antibiotic recommendations to treat your patient’s specific type of infection.

This service is covered by insurance, and also accepts your private-pay patients. The cost for private pay is $100, which is payable by credit or debit cards.

How To Enroll In TestDash

Simply text the word ENROLL to 513-818-1866. Our HIPAA-compliant, secure system will walk you through the rest. The total time it takes to enroll is about 2-4 minutes.  If you have any other staff members who may be helping you to place the orders, we will collect their names and phone number during enrollment.

How To Use TestDash

After enrollment, you or your enrolled office staff can order labs via text message anywhere, anytime. Simply text the word ORDER to 513-818-1866. Our HIPAA-compliant, secure system will walk you through the rest. The total time it takes to order is about 2 minutes.

How Will My Patients Be Notified About Their Lab Orders?

Once we receive your patient’s lab order, we’ll reach out to them via text message and guide them through the process of scheduling delivery. Please be sure to communicate to your patients that they will be receiving a text message from TestDash so we can coordinate their kit delivery! We aim to deliver the test as soon as possible to your patients because we understand that you and your patient need accurate results as soon as possible.

All orders will have a 2-hour delivery window, but our Care Technicians will keep in touch so your patients will be informed of any changes. While your patient provides the sample, our Care Technicians will wait in the transport vehicle. Once your patient lets their Care Technician know the sample is ready, the Care Technician will immediately transport the sample safely back to our lab.

While the goal is for your patient to provide the sample and give it back to the delivery driver we understand there may be times when circumstances get in the way. If for some reason your patient is unable to provide the sample at the time of delivery, he or she can make arrangements with the Care Technician for pickup. There is no additional charge for this service, although we do encourage patients to provide the sample so there is no delay in getting everyone the results they need.

If you prefer, visit this post on our site that explains how TestDash will work for patients. Feel free to print it out, or email them this link: . They can also watch this video for even more details!

What If I Have Questions About My Patient’s Results?

While our reports are easy-to-read and packed with information, we understand the need to speak to our lab team. Please feel free to call 513-866-7922 or email to speak with the lab.

Which Locations Are Currently Serviced By TestDash?

We service a 50-mile radius of our West Chester, Ohio lab. This includes Greater Cincinnati, Mason, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Xenia, Lawrenceburg, Hebron, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Goshen, Batavia, and more. For additional areas, please visit our Contact page.

Questions About TestDash?

At TestDash, we value your time. We’re happy to answer questions via email to If you prefer, you can also submit your question via the contact form on our website, or you can schedule a time to speak with us at a time that’s convenient for you.

We are proud to provide this new option to your patients and will work with you to make this a successful partnership for your practice!

TestDash is here to provide fast, convenient, and accurate PCR test deliveries to Greater Cincinnati. To learn more about TestDash, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!